Six Weeks and onwards

So the six-week appointment came with the consultant; except it was eight weeks and I saw Paul an Extended Scope Physiotherapist instead.  He gave the leg a thorough inspection and was on hand to answer the long list of questions we had.  As I was due at the gym the following day for the assessment, this was one of the main questions; what should I avoid (I was hoping he’d say anything that hurt!). Instead, he told me I shouldn’t do squats and no leg extensions.  Stepper machines are good too.  That was useful as I was anticipating building the quads with the leg extender.  Other than that, a strong suggestion I shouldn’t run until they saw me next in three months (which was a pleasant surprise, I assume they’d sign me off then and there).

So then to the Gym.  After the initial assessment and chat, a programme was devised that would help me regain the strength in my legs.  Two free days a week and any extras charged at £2.00.  Bargain!  I’m now in the fourth week of gym sessions and have added some core strength exercises in too.  I felt the quads “kick in” to action again after a couple of weeks (with some turbo work on non-gym days) – this was good, the quads take a lot of the effort off the knee.  It was also to get other bits of the body aching rather than the knee – there is no gain without pain as they say!

The knee dumbness hasn’t gone yet…  difficult to know whether it’s reducing or I’m just getting used to it.  The knee also gets tired still (I spent a day pressure washing cobblestones this weekend and come Sunday evening I was knackered!)

Overall, I’m pleased with the progress.  I can have a good spin on the turbo with no noticeable effects on the knee.  The gym work is going well again without tiring the knee too much (all of me being tired is fine).