Towards the end of April 2014, I had  the privilege to trek to Mustang, a part of the world that I had longed to walk through for many years.  It is a unique part of the world, nestling as it does in Nepal, but until ten years ago still had its own King and even though Nepal is now a republic, the ‘King’ is still an important part of the life of this remote community.

The walk starts in Jomsum, in Lower Mustang and follows the old trading route northwards to the capital Lo Manthang, Nepal’s only walled city which lies 17 kilometres from the Tibetan border.  The area is changing rapidly though.  Two months before we were there, a Jeep track to the capital was finally completed, and a power line is being steadily erected.  Change is under way- we were there on the cusp.

The trip was arranged by Spencer Scott Travel who arrange high quality and well-supported walking trips around the world (as well as painting, photography and wildlife holidays). My job was simple, to lead the trip into this stunning and emotional area. 

By following the links below, you’ll get a sense of the walk and some of the practicalities, and difficulties.  An account of the trip has been written for the September/October 2014 edition of Adventure Travel magazine which because of space limitations can only give a flavour of the walk.

Getting to the Walk and Logistics

Day One –  Jomsum to Kagbeni

Day Two – Kagbeni to Chele

Day Three – Chele to Syangboche

Day Four – Syanboche to Tsarang

Day Five – Tsarang to Lo Manthang

Exploring Lo Manthang and surrounding area

Day Seven – Lo Manthnag to Tsarang

Day Eight – Tsarang to Ghami

Day Nine – Ghami to Syangboche

Day Ten –  Syangboche to Chele

Day Eleven – Chele to Kagbeni

Day Twelve  – Kagbeni to Jomsum